Charming bungalow in Amargeti, Paphos

Sale Price: 325.000 EUR
Ref Code B3PAMARG_O05
Property Type House
Delivery Due Date delivered
District Paphos
Town Amargetti
Bedrooms 2
Covered Area 125 (meters)
Plot Size 952 (meters)
Charming 2 bedroom bungalow in Amargeti, Paphos.
This charming bungalow is located in the village of Amargeti, in the Paphos suburb. Amargeti is a small picturesque village northeast from the city of Paphos, located on a hill with views of the village surroundings and the sea.
The house is located in a quiet dead-end alley, on the edge of a cliff, offering panoramic views of the countryside with many almond, olive and fruit trees, including apple, pear and peach trees. The spectacular landscape is enhanced by views on the Ezuza Rivers in the west and the Xeropotamos Rivers in the east.
It is also home to the famous Kalamos winery. With narrow streets and a cobbled central square, Amargeti has retained much of its traditional charm. Several local attractions can be found in the village itself, including a mini market and taverns.
Surrounded by mature manicured trees, this original 2 bedroom bungalow blends harmoniously with the countryside. The house has a cozy living room and dining area with a fireplace. The kitchen is separated by an archway and also contains a laundry room.
The entire sentimental attitude of the hostess to the past is demonstrated in the interior of this bungalow. Commitment to a quality materials and style of the last century manifests itself in passion to vintage and antique items, fabrics and objects of art which preserved up to nowadays in excellent condition.
In this restrained space with strict forms and monochromatic surfaces, the hostess has carefully "woven" references to ancient culture. The host's collection includes ceramics and several other artisanal objects. Vintage elements, lively textures and the warmth of natural materials visually unite items from an eclectic selection. A sideboard previously bought by the owners coexists with the sofas of the last century, and the chairs of the 1980s look appropriate at the dining table.
There is a solarium in front of the bungalow with large windows overlooking the garden. There is a covered garage / carport on site.
The large area of ​​the house plot allow for house extension or individual buildings.
The Amargetti area lets you to cope easily everyday life and joy or possibility of new hobby. Nearby there are golf courses (world class), a beautiful freshwater dam for fishing enthusiasts, horse ranches and other leisure activities including attending traditional village events and festivals.
The residence is ideal for lovers of a comfortable and detached lifestyle, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The accommodation is suitable for a vacation or can be used for investment purposes (for example, for renting bungalow out to both locals and tourists who want to spend their holidays in a rural setting). 
The house is for sale and has all the necessary title deeds in order to the transfer the ownership to another owner upon purchasing.
Feel free to contact us directly (telephone Mr. Douglas) for other state-of-the-art villa characteristics, which are included in the individual specifications attached to the house plans and which are telling us much more about its undoubted advantages.








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