Living in Cyprus

  • 3 years ago

Cyprus is a beautiful jewel of an Island situated in the Eastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea , with a population of around 750,000. Often described as the “ Island of Love and Beauty” it is at the junction where Europe meets Asia and Africa making it an economic and cultural centre of the area.

The Lure of this great land has attracted many great historic figures right through the ages to come here, and Cyprus is thought by many scholars to be the actual site of the Lost City of Atlantis.

The diversity and social interaction have given the Island its varied and rich history and culture, which are now part of the customs and tradition that form the very bedrock of the Island . The traditional values of family are everywhere to be seen and at the heart of every community.

Since its accession to the EU, Cyprus has invested heavily and has developed a quite magnificent Infrastructure. There are three International Airports, a modern motorway system, Modern and efficient seaports used for commercial as well as pleasure craft.

From Cyprus you can sail to Greece , Lebanon , Israel , Egypt and others. It is planned that by the end of 2008 (when Cyprus adopts the Euro) there will be 6 new Marinas and six new golf courses.

The communications system is modern, robust and utilises the newest techniques available. Broadband is available throughout most of the Island and other alternatives such as WiFi and satellite communications are also available.

This great progression of technology has been well managed and lives very comfortably beside and with unspoilt villages, UNESCO heritage sites and Natural reservations. Cyprus proudly presents its rich culture and traditions throughout the Island in numerous Local and national museums as well as archaeological sites.

Living the dream – Paphos, Western Cyprus.Cyprus is a wonderful place to live has a magnificent culture, a forward looking attitude with great pride in its history. It is truly a superb place to lay down your roots. None more so than Paphos, which is the capital of the west of the Island.

It boasts almost every conceivable advantage of modern living and offers both the resident and traveler a selection of facilities normally only expected of a major international city.

Paphos is split into two main areas, the old town occupying the top of the hill (Pano Pafos) which houses the administrative centre, designer shops, new general hospital, police, council, water and electricity authority. As well as an astounding array of Supermarkets, restaurants and Markets.

The Lower (Kato Paphos) is the home to the harbour, main tourist areas, and many of the new residential developments which are being completed. The Fort, many areas of historic relevance and importance and the famous mosaics which are under UN heritage protection are looked upon with pride from residents.

Paphos has over recent years become a very popular location for weddings given the romantic link to Aphrodite, Adonis and the romance of the Mediterranean. Many couples are joined in the Old Town Hall in Paphos which is a lovely service, beautiful location and friendly staff. This is often followed by a ride around the main streets of Paphos where locals and tourists alike applaud the new couple.

The nearest international sea port is located a short distance away at Limassol where you can cruise to Egypt, Israel, Syria, Greece and further or simply cruise along the coast from Paphos on a leisure or fishing break.

The new motorway system can take you from Paphos to Larnaca in just over an hour and the centre of Paphos is easily entered from the motorway and ‘A’ road system. The bus and taxi services are clean, efficient, inexpensive and very friendly.

Living on Cyprus

Living on an Island with such a rich, varied and plentiful heritage can be a wonderful experience. The high standardof living and the relatively low cost of living combine to produce a quality living environment for everybody. The lifestyle brings with it a healthy remedy to many of the ailments you may have.

Electricity and Water supply connection are the responsibility of the owner (although we can help with this). The usage costs very much depend upon the type, construction, size of property and the family type using it, but typically the water board charge for 2 people living in an apartment will be 17-22 Euros (bi-monthly) and the electricity bill is approximately 85-100 Euros (bi-monthly) but varies upon use and air-conditioning provision etc.

The Cypriots love to indulge in their favourite pastime of “Social Eating”. Whether a simple family meal on the veranda or enjoying one of a multitude of international cuisines, eating is a pleasure. Ingredients used are always of the highest quality and prepared by international chefs and local specialists.

A typical Cyprus Meze (a wonderful selection of Cypriot foods – up to 10 courses) will cost around 14 Euros and a typical European meal will cost around 18 Euros with wine. Clearly it depends upon where you decide to eat, and at many of the “tourist” area restaurants you will be offered set menus from only 12 Euros for three courses. However many residents and locals soon discover their own favourites at local tavernas and restaurants. (and it should be whispered,,,,, even McDonalds)

The locally brewed beers are KEO, Leon and Carlsberg and the price can be very cheap in the supermarkets, and only 1.7 Euros in many bars etc. Cyprus has a magnificent array of different wines, sherry’s & brandy’s and is home to the unforgettable Commanderia.

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