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Local (Greek and English) and international newspapers are on sale. Many UK papers are printed daily on the Island. Paperbacks, magazines and books of many languages are readily available. Local radio and TV stations are in Greek with approximately 50% of terrestrial TV in English.

Satellite dishes and packages can be arranged allowing viewing of SKY, NOVA and HOTBIRD amongst many others, however these are being replaced by a number of different online and streaming services.

There is access to live sport from throughout the world in your living room. Remember in Cyprus you do not need a TV Licence.

Telephone Services

Historically, fixed-line telephony in Cyprus is a monopoly of Cyta, an independent (but, currently, government-owned) company. However, Prime-Tel has joined the market with packages for home and business usage.

Cyta services include: the supply of land-lines, mobile phones (on monthly payment contracts and pay as you go), data transmission, telegraph transmission, maritime, TV transmission and reception, private leased circuits, audio text, video conferencing, ISDN, DSL, Internet and ATM/Frame Relay.

PrimeTel services include: land-line telephone, Internet (and broadband), Digital TV. There are three residential packages (see and services specifically for businesses (see
Getting a land line connected:· visit the CYTA website. Click here
· or contact the CYTA call centre by dialing 132 from any Cypriot telephone
· for PrimeTel residential services: Click here
· for PrimeTel business services: Click here

Directory Inquiries

· 24-hour directory inquiry service for Cyta customers: Dial 11892
· Directory Inquiries: Dial 11800
· Foreign customers, country codes and area codes: Dial 194
ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)ISDN is a system where a digital (rather than analogue) line transmits voice and data.

Two options are available:
· Basic Rate access (2B+D) provides two (2B) channels on a single line
· Primary Rate access (30B+D) provides thirty (30B) channels on a single line.

Public Telephones

Cyta public phones are in all towns, villages, ports and airports. There are three types of public telephones, Coinphones, Outdoor cardphones and indoor cardphones. All public phones can be used for local and international calls.

Cardphones accept payment by Telecards, which are available in various denominations. They can be bought at banks, post offices, souvenir shops, kiosks and Cyta service centers.

Prepaid Calling Cards

Cyta COMMcard, is a prepaid calling card. You can call from any mobile or fixed phone and the call is charged to the card, not the telephone “line”.
Mobile/Cellular Telephone ServicesMobile cellular telephones are available from Cyta and MTN Cyprus.

There are no roaming agreements with the northern part of Cyprus; Cyprus mobile phones do not work there, however a cellular handset from another country works on both sides of the island.

Cyta Mobile


Packages: · Light, intended for customers who do not wish to make many calls
· Classic, intended for customers with average to high use.

Cyta mobile offers pre-paid services under their prepay scheme. You buy a number which includes a certain amount of call credit. The number is valid for three months, during which period you top up your account with a pre-paid card. Numbers are available from kiosks or any of the many outlets

MTN Cyprus

MTN Cyprus provides services for mobile cellular phones, Blackberry and 3G. · It has a comprehensive website in English: Click here

Internet Connection

The largest Internet service provider in Cyprus is CytaNET ; also provides Internet.


CytaNET services include: Internet connection, WAP services, ISDN (64kbps and 128kbps) and ADSL (640kbps) for home users.

To order a CytaNET Internet connection, you have to be a Cyta fixed line customer. Cytanet for All is a subscription-free Internet connection service.

Call freephone 8000 80 80 from any Cypriot telephone.

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