Night time, visitors, shopping and temperatures

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As a visitor to the Island you will find all the attractions that are normally found in a tourist resort, from the magnificent beaches, luxury and budget restaurants and wonderful scenery. Facilities such as car hire are widespread as are hotel services.

Leisure activities include the following:

Water parks, scuba diving, sailing, jet skiing, cruising, fishing and almost every water based activity you can imagine.

Horse & camel rides, Hill walking, bike riding, golfing, Paintball and jeep safaris and international car rallies are just a few of the activities on your doorstep.

Night time

Cyprus has an international reputation for the high quality of its night time entertainment and a varied selection for you to choose from.

Whether your cup of tea is just a cup of tea watching the sun go down, or watching the sun go down from the secluded beauty of a hidden cove, or if you would prefer you can chose to explore the vibrant nightlife of the bars, restaurants, clubs and discos the Island has to offer. The choice is yours; one beauty of Cyprus is that whatever you wish, can be found.

Average Temperatures

Average Temperatures in Cyprus in degrees C

January 17.1
February 18.2
March 20.4
April 23.2
May 27.7
June 30.0
July 32.4
August 32.8
September 31.1
October 28.3
November 23.5
December 18.9

Standard Shopping Costs

Price of food. Cyprus prides itself on the high quality of food and raw produce it grows itself. It provides a healthy lifestyle and the cost is lower than many parts of Europe. A typical Shopping List would include:

Fresh Pork 1 KG 4.50
Fresh Chicken 1kg 5.10
Potatoes 1kg 1.20
Tomatoes 1kg 1.00
Apples 1kg 1.50
Local Brandy 70cl 5.50
Local Wine 70cl 3.50-15.00
Men’s shirts one 10.50
Gas bottle 19kg 10.50

Fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, peaches, apples & grapes can be grown in your garden alongside your olives, almonds and bananas.

Many of the Islands cottage industries are thriving making Baskets, Pottery, Lace, Wine, Pure Honey, Olive oil, Halloumi and Feta cheese.

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